I grew up with a great interest in fitness and surrounded by property due to a family business. I was driven to end up being involved with both these industries. My step father showed me the potential for training from home while my developing interest in well-being helped fulfil this potential. When I noticed the amount of areas not being utilised with a qualified trainer on call, I thought of LonanFit, from our home in South Kensington. A great area to get the ball rolling. I have spent the best part of a decade expanding on my knowledge of the industry and trained a variation of clients. It is this time dedicated to the profession in a city I love that has made me expand LonanFit into what it is today. As of late 2015 I started video training, and due to immediate success I now work solely online for one-on-one training, regularly travelling to 4 continents and up to 10 cities per week.

Video Training + Pilates

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Personal training
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Bringing exercise and fun together, we aim to challenge those who avoid working out, showing you how to achieve results and do so whilst enjoying yourself. Book a monthly package with LonanFit anytime and treat yourself, whether it is in your own home environment or anywhere you may be, via Skype/FaceTime, avoiding all hustle and distractions from the gym. Get 100% focus from a fitness professional, when and where you want it, who wouldn't want expert fitness advice around the clock!

At LonanFit you can achieve your goals, whatever they may be. With personal training and pilates you can challenge your body constantly in different ways and increase your fitness & strength to reach your desired goals. Training with Lonan Fit ensures that you are looked after with enthusiasm and drive. Our one-on-one sessions mean that you and your results are the priority. We will work together to provide a bespoke health and wellbeing programme dedicated to achieving your goals.

For training enquiries please contact training@lonanfit.com


Due to the growth of social media and the repetitiveness in most of the content you see, I now create content for many other influencers and business’. Having created content for global travel pages, luxury car brands, and some of the largest sporting brands in the world, this service is now offered to everyone.

I specialise in building bespoke social campaigns for brands and influencers worldwide. To spark engagement, I offer a social media content service, providing content creation, with engaging content, a very unique feel, and something that stands out from the rest. Your social following can grow like you’ve never seen it!

Whether its a content boost, a new creative outlook, or just a lack of time to grow your own socials, I am here to help.

For content enquiries please contact content@lonanfit.com


Since featuring in numerous television appearances and national magazine articles I have become one of the top fitness influencers in Europe. I have completed multiple broadcast interviews and over 75 media articles in relation to modern day fitness trends and have been commissioned by the Daily Mail, Daily Mirror, The Sun, BBC 1 and Mens Fitness along with many other leading fitness titles. The power of social media is growing and it is due to this recent surge in online training that I now train clients solely via video conferencing and offer all clients and non-training clients an extensive and detailed nutrition range to guarantee results